Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's All Mum's Fault!

Hello everyone.

Look, I know you all think I've been rotten and selfish and ignoring you but it's just not true!

Mum took the computer away and Dean wouldn't let me use his! Dean has done a really good job of feeding me, he's much more reliable than Mum! But there was mention of something called a 'feeding chart' and he had to cross things off when he'd fed me so he knew where he was up to. I didn't think this was nessesary because *I* would have told him when it was time to feed me. Mum gave him all sorts of unnessesary warnings like "Plumps will pretend he's hungry when he's really not."

After a couple of days Mum still hadn't come home. She might not be as good as Dean at feeding me, but his cuddles just aren't the same. I really started to miss her. I missed Elbi too, and couldn't even TALK to her 'cos Mum had the stupid computer. And now I hear she's been flirting with someone else. Oh well I suppose that is the price an ex-tom must pay for not being attentive enough. Though I am sure I could show her why she should come back to me.

So I went on a bit of a hunger-strike and by the time Mum came home she accused Dean of over feeding me because there was so much left in my bowl.

But Mum is home now. And while she's up doing the ironing I have managed to get onto the blog all by myself. I reckon she'll be telling you all about her weekend away - but not till I've caught up on cuddles.

Love, Plumpy.


elbi said...

Plumpy dearest, you know I only have purrs for you. I was just getting a little lonely and wanted to see who else was out there. In the end it only served to show that no-one else is as snuggly as you. Hope you gave your mum a good sratch for taking the cmputer away before you settled down for strokes and cuddles - it's the only way they learn!

lorenzothellama said...

Oh Plumpy so nice to hear from you at long last. What a mean trick to take your computer away.
Have you lost any weight?
Scaredy is going through a super-cuddles-insecure phase at the moment and he won't leave me along. Still I love him on my knee, especially in this cold weather. I found a flea on him the other day, so he has been anti-flead.
Lorenzo. x and strokes