Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep Scratching, Please!

Hello all!

Finally Mum has found the time to help me out with my next post. We are sitting in the living room and lots of sun is streaming through the doorway. Mum has opened up the large glass sliding door to let some air into the house but there is no breeze. There are a lot of cicadas chirrupping though. I am HOT!

I needed help for this blog because it is a video she took and I don't know how to get videos working. Mum only has a normal digital camera, so when she takes moving pictures with it they don't come out very clear. So sorry that the picture isn't any good.
Also, it's completely UN-edited, so the sounds and music you hear were playing at the time, it hasn't been added for extra effect. We don't know how to do that yet.

Anyway, here's my first ever video:

Did you all know Scaredy has his own blog now? It's here.


Scaredy Cat said...

Oh Plumpy, I clicked on your video. I was so looking forward to seeing you running about and being tickled and whatever and the writing came up "I'm sorry this video is not available".
Is this your mum or mine that has messed up? I was going to ask mum to do a video of me but she is so thick she wouldn't be able to get it on screen. I would have to wait until Uncle Maalie or Uncle Joe came to show her how.

Love and purrs, Scaredy.

lorenzothellama said...

What a lovely video Plumpy! I will do one of Scaredy (when he wakes up)and fiddle around and see if I can get it on his blog for him. Any tips? Do you have to go through you tube?


Scaredy Cat said...

Nice one Plumpy. My mum's far to dumb to be able to manage it, but we'll give it a go. Maybe your mum should email her with instructions.

That tickling looks really good. Ooo, I can feel it now!

Maalie said...

You too soft to be much od a concern to maalies!

Ju's little sister said...

I just love how he draws my hand back to his face for more tickles!

lorenzothellama said...

Was that what he was doing? I thought he was giving you a playful swipe!

ps whats an 'od' Maalie?

Scaredy Cat said...

Don't you no nuffink mum?

Raelha said...

Ooh, Plumpy, how I enjoyed watching your first ever video. Elbi is going to go mad with delight - you share the same method for obtaining chin strokes. And you're looking slimmer than ever. Mopre please!

Scaredy Cat said...

Yes, can we have a video of Plumpy running about? (if he ever does!)

Ju's little sister said...

Plumpy does run about - like a crazy cat! But I'm a little busy just now. I have to get ready to stand vigil for Sir Ed - first shift this evening then another Tuesday morning.

It might even be the first ever time a Catafalque Vigil has been conducted by an all female quard, but we can't back that up!


Plumpy said...

Mum has been ironing and polishing shoes ALL DAY!!

It is raining here, but still hot. The smell of shoe polish is awful so I'm going back outside to chase fantails!

We'll try to video more for you.

Love, Plumpy

Ju's little sister's aunt said...

Plumpy, you ol' scardy cat - you just didn't want Mum going away on you AGAIN! You were trying to distract her from all that shoe polishing and ironing smells. Toughen up man! Your Mum is one to be proud of!!