Friday, August 29, 2008

While Mum's Away...

Real emails between Plumpy's Mum and his Auntie Casey while Mum is away in another country:

From: Auntie Casey
To: (Mum)
August 23

Hey [JLS],

Finally got the Plump here :) Him and Harry haven't fought yet and I hope it stays that way! Here's a photo of their first meeting :) Plumpy tried to drive his way home (didn't have a cage and he wouldn't sit on my sister!) He was so funny :) He's checked out the house and he seems to be happy - it's Harry who seems to have packed a bit of a sad... I'm sure everything will be fine though. Hope all is well in Texas.


From: Mum
To: Auntie Casey
August 24

Thanks for the photo! Did Ginge pass my wee note on along with the food? Let me know how that goes!

Glad he remembers you, you were obviously more comforting that your sis ha ha and goodness me does this mean Plumpy might actually be the boss cat for the first time in his life? Sorry to hear that Harry isn’t so happy though. I hope they come to an arrangement.

Let me know what and when I owe you for more food etc.

From: Auntie Casey
To: Mum

Yes, I got your note - he's no drama to feed as well. I thought he'd be into Harry's food every chance he got but he's been quite good! He still goes for Harry's meat but I just have say 'oi'! and he he runs off cos he knows he's not allowed it!! He's fit in real well - like he's lived here for ages! Neither of them are the boss cat as such - it's just that Plumps doesn't mind when Harry's around, where as Harry will wander off if he Plumps is around cos he's not quite as comfortable. They're all good though - they are both always waiting on the porch for me when I get home :) We found Plumps a new bed as well - Em bought one for Harry but he doesn't like it, so I put it outside for Plumps last night and he was in it pretty quick smart!!

Plumps will need more food soon so I'll let you know how much it costs.

Talk to you later!


lorenzothellama said...

Your mum is missing you Plumpy!
Hugs and kisses from Lorenzo and Scaredy.

Metamatician said...

Hi Plumps. My cat Jackson says hello and to be strong whilst your mum's away.

lorenzothellama said...

Happy Christmas Plumpy. Hope there is roasted fantail for you tomorrow.
Love Lorenzo and Scaredy.

Raelha said...

Plumpy, can we see some new photos of you now you're a bit less plump?

Elbi is especially eager to see the new you.

Metamatician said...

Plumpy, you've not been heard from in a good while. You still alive and kicking? My own "plumpy" (a ginger tomcat who indulges just a bit at the bowl) wishes you a very happy 2010.