Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Shapes Of Pears

I am not your child. I am not your brother or your friend. I am a cat and if I don't feel like writing a post nothing you do or say will make me.
However, if you chose not to give me a scratch when I have decided that it is time, you will find me quite put out.

And speaking of being put out - we are all in uproar. Mum has had a terrible time of it these last few weeks. She has had a falling out with the Aunties. To be honest, I really don't know what it's about and I don't think Mum does either. It is a long story but the Aunties have told Mum that she has two options. Option 1: They move out and she finds two new flatmates to help with the rent or Option 2: She finds a new place to live and they find another flatmate. I don't really mind what they do. As long as I get my food and my cuddles they could live on the moon for all I care. I am having problems of my own - my old nemisis actually had the audacity to come into my house they other day, and try to eat my dinner. Speaking of dinner - Mum and the Aunties are horrible. They have taken me off my premuim biscuits and switched to dull supermarket food. Only on occasion do I even get meat and when I do it's from a can!

And so. Well - Mum came back from a visit today, I heard her talking to her parents about it on the phone. I did wonder why she came in from work, got changed and went straight back out again - she usually stays and potters about in her room or on the computer before going anywhere. But tonight it was different, she only had time for a moment's scratch before she was out the door again. It worked in my favour actually as I had been dying to get out of the house and Auntie Casey was blatently ignoring me. Anyway - she was similar when she came home again, only in her room for long enough to put a jersey on and then it was straight on to the phone. She called home and got her Mum. I was around hoping for a scratch so I heard everything.
Mum is moving out. She had been visiting at a possible place to live and has decided that is where she will move. She mentioned the room was small but thought the people were quite cruisey and she reckoned she could live with them no worries at all. Then I heard the worst news I have ever heard in my life (since I had to leave my old Dad and learn to live with a new Mum). I might not be allowed to live there!!

Woe! Woe! Woe!

The two people that Mum is moving in with aren't sure they want a cat in their house! And Mum isn't giving up on a new place to live just because I might not be able to live with her. She says that even though she doesn't like Auntie Casey so much anymore, it doesn't mean Auntie Casey doesn't love me still, and I should be allowed to keep living with her. Mum has got a lot of work ahead of her to move into this new house - and you know what? For deserting me I am not going to help her with any of it.

It will serve her right.


Maalie said...

Oh dear Plumpy I am terribly sorry to hear about your woes. Life can be terribly difficult sometimes can't it? All I can say is that I hope everything works out sooner or later and that you will soon settle into a new comfortable life.
Love, Maalie.

Plumpy said...

Thank you Maalie,
What I hope the most is that the people Mum are moving in with will let me come too!

Maalie said...

Well, if you are very, very good, maybe they will let you. Can you be good Plumpy?

Plumpy said...

What sort of a question it that???????????

Don't be so condescending to ME human! Cats rule the earth you know! We ARE, after all, Gods chosen creature. And don't you dare try to refute it.

Of course I'm good. I'm always good. And if I'm not, then I'm simply good at it.