Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Oh yeah!

Mum has secured a place for me to live!
Yes, I will be moving with her into the new house - one of her new flatmates also has Ginge hair and so she thinks we'll get along pretty well. He said he never had a problem with me living there - he even likes cats! (of course, he was going to fall in love with me anyway!)

And Mum reckons the only reason the other flatmate wasn't saying yes was because she thought it best to discuss the whole deal with Ginge first.

So... in only a couple of weeks I'll let you know all about the new house and new neighbourhood.

Regards, Plumps.


Maalie said...

Oooh, well done Plumpy! I hope you'll be happy in your gnu home!

And be a good puss while I'm away in Russia. You can catch a few mynahs and sparrows, but try to keep off the endemics :-)

Plumpy said...

Roger that Maalie, will do :-)

lorenzothellama said...

Isn't an endemic a disease?

Ju's little sister said...

Endemic itself means 'natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place' - as in 'native'

Therefore an endemic disease is one which is covering an entire people or or place (or both.)

A disease which spreads world-wide is a pandemic disease.

THANK YOU fourth form Social Studies!!!

Plumpy said...

Yeah, ah - What Mum said.

Maalie says I can chase sparrows but not black robins.