Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bachelor Pad

This last week Mum has been moving all her belongings out of her room. She has been very stressed out and I have taken a lot of time to calm her down by making sure she scratched me every night after work and let me stay with her for as long as possible each night before putting me out for the night.

But on Thursday things started to really change. Mum moved absolutley everything out of her room before work, and she didn't come home that night. She only came home for a few minutes the next day. I was really freaked out. I mean, this was even worse than trying to avoid my nemisis during a night out with the boys! She wouldn't stay to tell me what was going on. I could tell the Auntie's weren't going to talk about it either, and I wasn't too interested in asking them what was going on. They have been a bid strange lately.

On Saturday the changes got even worse. Mum and Sarge came around in Sarge's big red truck and started collected up all my belongings! Sarge is one of my favourite visitors to the house - he gives the best cuddles in the whole world, and boy was he giving me some lovely cuddles on Saturday. Both the Aunties wanted cuddles too but theirs are nothing like the ones I was getting! Then the terrible part:

Mum took me off Sarge and to my consternation she clambered with me in her arms into the truck.
Now I've been to the vets before, and I travelled in Mum's car when I first came to live with her. But it was very different in the truck. The truck was louder and higher than the car, and we didn't go nearly so fast. As soon as we made it to the new place Mum immediately took me inside and down a whole lot of stairs. It smelt funny inside and I was sick of being held by Mum so I tried to get away but she held me firmly.

Down the stairs and around the corner we went until I could barely stand it but at last! Into a room we went that smelt right. It almost looked right too. There was Mum's bed and her chest and drawers - her music was playing and there was all my food in the corner waiting for me. It wasn't home, but at least it was safe. So I spent the next three hours making sure there was nothing in the room that might endanger Mum as she was nervous and insisted on staying in there with me.

Later on that night when she had calmed down I convinced her to let me out of the room so I could check out the rest of the house for her. The place smelt different, and there was someone I had never met before. His name was Dean, and he had the same colour hair as me which he thought was absolutely fantastic. Then he gave me a nice wee scratch without trying to pick me up and squeeze me which I thought was absolutely fantastic.

So when Mum went to bed I thought it would be a good idea to make sure she got a good sleep and wasn't waking up at every moment jumping at shadows and worrying about this strange new house she was in. I don't particularly like going too far under the sheets but on Saturday night I inspected the whole bed before settling down around her feet to keep them warm for the night. I had a good night, actually, but Mum tossed and turned all night. I think the new house made it difficult for her to get comfortable.

The next day Mum had a game of hockey and when she came back she let me outside. I took the time to inspect the whole back yard to make sure there was nothing dangerous out there. Actually the yard is wonderful - much better than the old place. And there is a lot of trees and undergrowth to look after.

Now though she's about to go grocery shopping with the other people who live in this house and I'm not allowed to use the internet without her around, So I had better go.



Maalie said...

I hope you and mum have a very happy time in your new place Plumpy. Are there any birds to look at in the yard?

Plumpy said...

Maalie - you're back!!!

Yes, there are lots and lots of birds, and lots of trees and shrubs and undergrowth and a stream at the bottom of the garden. Well it's not really a garden, more of a native green belt. When Mum finds her camera I'll take a picture and show you.

lorenzothellama said...

Do you sit on your Mum's knee when she attempts to type? I find it most satisfying as it really makes things difficult. I am getting my own back for being shuved in the caterie last week when my Mum went off to Paris for a few days, and now she has the cheek to book me in again next week while she goes off to bloody Spain with Maalie. Still, we have our ways of getting even ... hair balls on the duvet is just a start ...
love from Scaredy.

Plumpy said...

Hi Scaredy, yes there are plenty of ways to get Mum back. Only the other day I thought she might like the smell of fresh native earth, so kndly brought in some dirt when I came to snuggle in bed with her. I also like to spread my kitty litter far and wide.

I like to sit on Mum's lap when she types, I seem to get more pats out of her. But you're right, she kicks me off when I try to lie on the laptop, which I have to say is a lot warmer than her lap!

lorenzothellama said...

Hi Plumpy! Just got back from Spain with Maalie. While over there we saw five little kittens surviving (just) in the rocks by the sea, within a rather large, grand marine. They were being fed as there was a large plastic box with cat food in it. No sign of mum, expect she was out hunting.
There are a few horrid remarks on my blogsite with suggestions of what to do with 'feral' cats. What say you Plumpy?

Scaredy said...

When I get put in the local cattery because LtL goes gadding about with Peter and Maalie, I have really lovely food, usually 'whiskers' but when I get back home I get the same old Netto rubbish, so I have to sulk for a few days to see if they will buy me gormet food, but it doesn't work. A few dead mice on the carpet really upset them though.