Friday, August 24, 2007

Around the House

Here's the outdoor spa pool. By regulation it has to be fenced in, or have less than 400mm of water in it. Dean emptied it to about 20cm, then it rained for two weeks. I used to drink out of it, but not any more.

At the old house, with Auntie Casey and Auntie Emma, there wasn't a cat door and they always put me outside when they went to bed at night. IT WAS SO SELFISH!
Auntie Casey did buy me a nice warm bed though. Here it is outside the new house. I don't use it anymore because Mum put it in a place that gets wet, and there's a special door for me anyway so I sleep on the couch at night.

Stupid Diet.

This is Mum on the couch, posing for the camera and trying to look casual. Fool.
I was busy correcting her spelling for her.

This is a picture of a moment I always dread. Dean picked me up. It's not my most flattering side!


kiwi mother said...

Plumpy, well you look as if you are doing very well indeed in your "new" abode! And even though you look at your Mum with so much love and affection ( you do!...I have seen you !!) by the look of you and Dean you must have a bit or more of cupboard ( that means food) love in your adoring "Puss in Boots" looks!

Raelha said...

Plumpy, despite the last picture (and maybe your mum does have a point about the diet), Elbi was still cooing over you. She says you can come and correct her spelling anyday.

Plumpy said...

Raelha, I'm not surprised.

As to your comments about the diet - obviously this is all the way Dean was holding me. All my muscles moved lower due to the effects of gravity and they way he squeezed me.

Plus the camera adds ten pounds.

Raelha said...

Plumpy, I was just rereading your previous post and wondered what the R in your name stands for.

We'll blame Dean for that last photo then, because we all know you're an exceedingly handsome puss - and Elbi says that you're the more attaractive of the two gingers in that photo anyway.

By the way, Elbi has just read your comments about Beeps modelling, and between you and me, I think she's a little jealous: 'What good's a model if she runs away from you, what's really needed is a professional cuddler - me' she's been muttering recently.

Scaredy said...

Ooo Plumpy! I love the picture of you an Dean! It's not fair the way they spleg out you tummy to make you look ... er ... plump.

How degrading. A pink sleeping house in the shape of a pig? How would they like it, huh! Glad you can get to that settee, but your mum's bed would be better.

Badger had a flea the other day, and I think I might have caught one from her too. I gleefully watch my mum scratching. We have now been treated. Shame. I was hoping to pass a few on to Maalie next week!

Love Scaredy.

Maalie said...

Plumpy, why don't you go and have a swim in that pool? I bet you can't put your head under the water and hold your breath for at least 10 minutes...

Plumpy said...

I would Maalie - right after you have shown us all how it's done.

Raelha, the R is the first initial of a stupid name my Mum gives the vets. And you may tell your girls not to get too excited - there's plenty of me to go round, and I will nevr turn down a quality cuddle like the one I'm sure Elbi would provide. What special talent does Mahou have? I haven't heard about her in a while!

Scaredy, I hate fleas as much as Mum does, though I guess it could be worth it to see her scratching. I've no sympathy for Badger though.

Raelha said...

Plumpy, Mahou's special quality is that of being a high-maintenance puss. (Elbi is low-maintenance, as long as you're willing to cuddle most of the time, and Beeps, is whatever maintenance you can give, if she doeasn't skidaddle on you.)

When Mahou is in a good mood you couldn't ask for a nicer, snugglier cat, but she is rather highly-strung and it's best to let her do her own thing when she's in her 'grumpuss' mood.

Maalie said...

Plumpy, I'll get one of my penguin friends do demonstrate, no worries.

Elbi said...

Maalie, I'm sure Plumy could get tone of his bird friends the demonstrate too.

lorenzothellama said...

You know Plumpy, that picture of you with Dean, you look like a hotwater bottle cover!
Love Lorenzo.

plumpy said...

Well I would make a good hotwater bottle!

Maalie, after you have demonstrated yourself, then I will have a go.

Lorenzo, you have a very cute new Llama picture. Mum thinks so too.

lorenzothellama said...

I DID have a very cute llama picture until Maalie got into my blogsite and changed it into a gorilla!

lorenzothellama said...

Aggghh, he's just changed it to a WARTHOG!!!

Elbi, Beeps and Mahou said...

See, we knew Maalie couldn't be trusted.

lorenzothellama said...

Plumpy, can you threaten Maalie with a lot of dead fantails unless he gets these two indecent llamas off my blogsite?

lorenzothellama said...

Thanks for the Monty Python clip, You are clever to be able to make links like that!
Scaredy is very scared of Father Ann. You are in the best place Plumpy, thousands of miles away!

Raelha said...

Plumpy, would you be very kind and tell your mum that the phrase in Spanish is: 'Ten cuidado, hay llamas' if you're talking to just one person, or 'tened cuidado...' if you're talking to a group of people.

lorenzothellama said...

Thanks for all the translations!
I've got to go and hide Scaredy now, as I've just had a text to say Maalie is on his way!
Love Lorenzo.

lorenzothellama said...

Scaredy has just run off to hide. Maalie has arrived!

lorenzothellama said...

I felt so sick after being force fed three eggs (and one being over two weeks past it's sell by date!). I know caged hens are fed tartrazine and sunset yellow to make their yolks yellow, but between you, me, Plumpy and Scaredy, I actually couldn't taste any difference between them, I went by colour of yolk. The free range organic was so rock hard after being over boiled that I found it hard to get down anyway!

Yes, Scaredy is so sweet, and he is on my lap at the moment making it very difficult to type. I'm going to take him to the v. e. t.
today as I have found a little lump near his neck and also he has so many dreadlocks on his tummy that I can't get out. The v person is very good at disentangling him!

Raelha said...

Mahou is due to se eher special friend once we get back from holiday. I'm sure she won't thank us for taking her but he needs to havea look at her limpy leg and give her her yealy vaccination. We're really going ot be in her bad books after we dessert her for ten days and then take her there.

Hope Scaredy fares well during his visit.

lorenzothellama said...

Poor Scaredy,
Just come back from the vets. His little lump is just a cist which he drained but the big job was sorting out his fur. It is so fluffy that it tends to go into dreadlocks and the vet patiently got rid of them all. There were a few little pathetic meows from Scaredy, but he was so good! He also had a worming tablet thrust down his throat!
Do you know Plumpy, he weights 3.4 kilos. How much do you weigh?