Friday, September 07, 2007

New Things

Today didn't start out very well. Mum is on night shift this week and that means I don't get fed breakfast until at least nine in the morning. Usually a lot later!

So I had to wait around for breakfast, with nothing to do but wait outside her bedroom door. The night before she had let me sleep in bed with her which is a big change. I made the most of it - I tried sleeping on both sides of her and on the pillow and on the other pillow and just on the edge of the covers too in case that was any different. I thought it was very comfortable but for some reason Mum didn't get a lot of sleep. Maybe that was why she didn't let me come back again last night. Anyway the reason the day was starting out so bad was because I didn't get fed a very good breakfast and then instead of apologising like she should have she ignored me! AND she kicked me off the computer so she could check her stupid emails.

And then the worst happened. Scaredy I know you will sympathise. She started talking about the V-E-T!!! And there is NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! Except of course that I'm not being fed enough. It happened suddenly, without warning. No cage hanging around looking innocent by the door. No towels for picking me up, and no long and lavishing cuddles as she told me how sorry she was. One moment she was here. And then she was gone.

With out me.

I knew something was up! How dare she go visit Nicki without me? She knows I am Nicki's favourite, my Mum just can't be trusted. But I guess there is little I can do. Except claw her for it.
This left me stuck in the house with Stacey. Now, Stacey is okay. She and I get along. I mean - she gets along with her business over there, and I get along with my business over here and there is no reason for us to be on the same couch at the same time. I know that sometimes she wants to yell at me. She's not scared of Mum so I don't know why she doesn't. She does complain to Mum a lot. She thinks I have the most annoying meow in the world. Well you have the most annoying human voice Stacey!!! Also, Stace doesn't like the way I sharpen my claws. She thinks it is ruining her carpet. I ask her - "Well then why did you put it there for me in the first place?"

But Stace and I co-existed well enough until Mum came home again just over an hour later. I knew there was trouble when I saw how much stuff was in her arms. She lifted the first box out of the shopping bag. Out from the box came a strange flat rectangle which she placed on the tiles in the kitchen. She fiddled with it, then stood on it. It smelt interesting but I have to say her socks rather needed changing. It had intrigued me enough that I forgot to run when she bent down to pick me up and stand back on the new item again. "Hmmm," says Mum, " # kgs I see Plumpy. I don't think you've lost any weight at all!"
I don't think I like the rectangular thingy very much.

Mum took this downstairs and put it in the bathroom. This was of course one of her nasty little tricks which she pulls on me about eight or ten times a day. You see to get to the bathroom from the couches we pass by the washing machine which is where my food bowl lives. So she indicates quite clearly (by going down the stairs and to the washing machine) that she intends to feed me. Then she laughs at me cruelly when I go there too ready for my next meal. Sometimes she really winds me up!

Back up the stairs she goes and I follow, ready to show her by my silence exactly how annoyed I am with this behaviour. From the bag comes another box, and this one reveals an assortment of parts which require simple assembly. One thing I will say about Mum in her favour is that she is rather deft when it comes to assembling.

Here is a picture of what she made:

"It's for you Plumpy." She told me.

For me?

Just for me?

All mine?

I've never had anything that was just mine before. Except for the sleeping pig and my food bowl. And the litter tray I guess but they don't count. I didn't really know what to do with it though, so Mum got my old feather toy (which, I suppose, is all mine too) and we played about for a while. I noticed the post has a nice surface which might be fun to claw upon. It's not going to be very efficient at sharpening my carefully honed killing weapons however, so I might stick to using the carpet for that.

I was still a little uncertain about this new toy and what I was going to do with it when Mum brought out the real reason for going to the vet. As I said we had been playing together and we had settled down to a bit of a cuddle as I think she actually realised I wasn't too sure about this post thing (though I will say the blue furry base is quite cool). She was getting nice and deep into the hair on the back of my neck when BAM! That old stinging sensation that screamed of flea treatment. I hate that stuff! It's horrid.

Well congratulations Mum. You just ruined my day.


Scaredy said...

What a sod! If she won't let you in her bedroom at night, just keep meowing outside her door until she does. That Stacey sounds a rum'un. Either give her a wide berth or alternatively suck up to her and get her on your side. These humans are so soft when they think an animal likes them.

Keep well away from those scales. I am being weighed and I only weigh 3.4 kilos, so they are trying to force feed me, but I just don't like Netto catfood.

That stick thing sounds good. Use it, but the carpet is the best for sharpening your claws on. I use a lamp shade my Mum particularly likes. It is a long one that goes on a floor lamp and is made of really nice hand-made paper. It makes a lovely sound when I claw it!

I think we should pack our bags (metophorically speaking as we don't own much) and go to Raelha. Her cats seem to have a wonderful time roaming free and all the natural food they like.

Love Scaredy.

lorenzothellama said...

Hey, congratulations on getting nominated for the winner of wordimperfect! I voted for you of course!

So glad you have found that blogsite. I am almost addicted to it. Even the dreaded Maalie does it. I learned about it first from Raelha.


Martin Stickland said...

Thnaks for popping by my blog!

I started to read this post and at first thought "she is an Avionics Technician and she cannot even make her own breakfast and sits outside her mummy's door!" then I realized that the post is from an animals point of view ... silly me!

Give us a go in a jet plane! go on give us a go, I promise to give it back!

lorenzothellama said...

Essex is rural apart from the bit that borders London (from where the famous 'Essex Girls' come from). There is also Southend with is a big seaside town, but mostly it is farming. I used to live in Colchester is is famous for Boudicea having a punch up with Claudius!

Glad you like wordimperfect!

Give Plumpy a hug from me!

Lorenzo and Scaredy.

Martin Stickland said...

Please try to ignore lorenzybubblebum, so I have heard she is nearly always drunk and does not have a clue what she is talking about (keep this to yourself though)