Friday, July 06, 2007

Maintaining Control

It's not always easy, looking after Mum.

It's raining this week and we have been getting on each other's nerves a bit. Uncle Dean is always on the Xbox racing cars, or in the garage fixing cars, or with his mates talking cars. Flatmate Stace is never home, and Mum has being doing her jigsaw puzzle. But Mum decided she wanted to have a break and go race on the Xbox too.

But there's no room for cuddles when there's a controller in her hand. Puzzles! That's what I needed to keep her in full cuddling form. So when she threatened to put the spare pieces back in the box it was time for action.



Scaredy said...

Good boy Plumpy, you mess her jigsaw up.
I like getting into boxes too. If anyone comes to stay I find their suitcases and creep in, especially if they are allergic to cats.

Raelha said...

Ah, a fine plan. I assume it worked?!

lorenzothellama said...

Scaredy really scared me yesterday. I couldn't find him. I looked in all his favourite places and was so worried and upset in case he was lost or hurt. Once he disappeared for three days and we were out searching everywhere. Eventually he turned up smelling of petrol and with a smear of oil on his nose. Probably been shut in someone's garage.
Anyway, just as I was puting some washing in the machine, he plopped down on the worktop. He had been asleep in the laundry basket of clothes waiting to be ironed. I just hadn't seen him. This is his new favourite place.

Plumpy said...

clothes that have just been cleaned are the best, especially if they're straight out of the dryer because they're nice and warm as well as fluffy.

I didn't mess the jigsaw though, Mum wouldn't let me on the desk - only on her lap, which is the best place for cuddles anyway...

Raelha, of course it worked, I wouldn't waste my time otherwise ;-) How are the ladies?

Raelha said...

Plumpy, the ladies are fine and dandy. Mahou gave us a scare on Friday - we'd been camping for a few days and she wasn't there when we got back. She didn't appear until late yesterday morning when she strolled in and went straight to her food without her usual chirpy greeting. I didn't realise she was there until I heard the crunching. I always worry dreadfully when I leave the cats alone. We lost our first cat here, Hergie, another handsome ginger tom, when we went back to the UK in 2005. We got back to find a storm had broken the catch holding his entrance window open, blowing it shut in the process and no sign of our beloved cat.

We're supposed to be going away for 12 days in September but I refuse to go until we find someone to keep an eye on our three.

lorenzothellama said...

Hi Plumps. Scaredy has been turfed off his new favourite place as I needed to try to sort out the mountain of ironing and he was on top. Every time he moved he sent an avalanche of clothing to the floor. He has now seated himself on top of Peter's drawing board (he's an architect) and I can hear him pleading with him to move.
Scaredy is just contemptuous as usual. Oh. Peter's just lifted him off and he has stalked outside!

Plumpy said...

Well Human's are a little presumptuous Lorenzo-Llama. Somes you seem to think you own the place!