Friday, December 15, 2006

Big Day Today

Today Mum took the day off work to go Christmas shopping. I asked her what she was getting me for Christmas but she just laughed at me. I wonder if I can make a complaint to CYF (Child, Youth and Families) about her attitide to me?
The two aunties went off to work as usual but Mum slept in a little bit. Unfortunately her door was closed so I could wander in for a morning chat. When she did get up she launched into a big clean up. Hang on a second! Wasn't she supposed to be out shopping? No, no she wasn't. In fact since she won't be around very much this weekend she decided to do her share of the spring clean today. She went a little overboard but.

I wanted the shower - she was cleaning the shower. I was hanging out on the toilet when she came in there and shooed me out! As if she owned the place! Okay, so she does, but that's not the point - I was there first!
I huffed off and had a look to see what was available for a snack but the pickings were pretty lean. It didn't matter that much anyway as I'd had a big breakfast for once. But the next thing you know she's in the laundry moving my dining set and everything else either up onto the whiteware or outside and I must suffer the indignity of her chasing me about the place with the vacuum. Of course she thought it was hilariously funny. The saga continued of course. She was not happy unless she was moving in to clean where ever I had settled. Finally I got fed up and went outside.

It was a gorgeous day. Hot and sunny with the slightest of breezes. The sort of weather you can hide in the grass in and watch the birds. I like watching the birds. Not so into ringing them though, like Uncle Maalie is.
Mum finished all her cleaning and jumped in her car and raced away. She didn't even say goodbye or let me know she was shutting the house up. Not that I cared until I wanted some lunch. I paced around the house looking for open windows but the girls have cracked down on their security lately. I was really beginning to starve.
The ginger and white cat that likes to hang around on our territory came over to sneer at me and I gave him something to think about. He likes to start fights at night time - a lot like my nemisis - but I sent him packing that's for sure! He raced away like a scared little kitten. The problem was I was still on the other side of the door to my lunch!

I wandered round the back to check that door again and imagine my surprise when I saw that same ginger cat EATING MY LUNCH!
Mum had put it outside while cleaning and didn't bring it in again! I could have been eating those delicious morsels at my leisure and I had missed them! I was so wild I launched at that cat and left him with a spinning head. He disapeared again and this time over the back fence. I hung around the remnants in my bowl to make sure he didn't come back. Not that there was anything for him if he did, but it's the principle of the thing.

Mum finally came home, stroppy and tired. She had one grocery bag and complained she hadn't gotten any Christmas shopping done at all. She had gone to see her friend Megs and take her to Meg's mother's place so she could get fitted for some skirt or top or something, I wasn't really listening. (It was well past my tea time.)
Then she had to make it back to the place where she works so she could borrow some tools for the weekend and then had to go back to the supermarket to buy something for tea. It didn't sound like she had that much to do so I gave her a withering look and asked where my dinner was.
She looked a bit guilty at that and brought everything in from outside. Instead of giving me something decent though she was lazy and told me to eat biscuits. I mean - is that really healthy? Meanwhile she drags her little barbeque out from under the house and starts cleaning it like mad. Would have been smarter to clean it after the last use wouldn't it Mum? She only scowled at me when I told her that. But all cleaned up she put it together and made sure it was going okay. So when Megs and Sarge come round tonight they'll have some yummy barbeque - because it's summer!

She must have felt guilty about neglecting me all day though because she took about thirty minutes this evening to spend some decent time with me. In fact she took out all the bidi bids which have got themselves stuck in my fur over the last couple of days which was wonderful, I'm all smooth again.

Now she is eating ice cream as she waits for her friends to turn up to the barbeque. She thought she'd be cooking by 1830 and it's already 1930. I guess she's about as loved as I am!


Maalie said...

Yes, I bet the summer is nice for lazing in the grass, just so long as you're only looking at the birds! It's the middle of winter up topside, but still rather mild, but lots of rain.

Plumpy said...

Well it rained today Maalie, and I was left outside in it. :-(

Maalie said...

Happy Solstice Plumpy!

Maalie said...

So how did Plumpy's Christmas go? Any pickings from the dinner table thrown your way?