Monday, December 04, 2006

Goodbye isn't Forever


Mum had a 'mare of a day today! She left the house about 3.40 in the morning to go to work. She arrived back here at home around 4.20pm. She kept telling everyone she worked from 4am to 4pm but I think she was trying to sound impressive.
It started raining this afternoon but I didn't mind as Auntie Casey was home in bed all day. She said she was sick but all she did was sleep all day. I stayed in the room to keep her company, just in case she really was sick, but she didn't appreciate it at all. The devil inside me thought nasty thoughts about getting my own back for the antibiotics but mostly I was uspset that my family still don't want me. I hung out at the end of her bed for a while but when my cleaning routine took longer than half an hour she kicked me off.

Auntie Emma came home from her early start and crashed on the couch too. I like her mink blanket and she was cool enough to let me use a little bit myself and we both watched tv and dozed. I was getting hungry though and wondered if either of them would feed me any sort of dinner. Sometimes when they really aren't thinking - or caring - I have to starve.
But joy of joys! Mum came home! She looked really tired and didn't have a lot to say, as I mentioned she'd had a hard day and didn't even make it to the islands, but the first thing she did when she got home was make me some dinner YAY!
She sat down to watch some music videos and doze on the other couch and I thought it was pretty cool - all four of us asleep at 4.30 in the afternoon! But Mum wouldn't let me sit on her lap for a cuddle so I was pretty gutted. I was just so excited that she hadn't gone away after all! However! When she moved from the couch to her bed for a proper sleep she let me crawl in under the covers with her and we had a really nice few minutes together with no other distractions. That's when she told me she was still going away - it was just delayed till tomorrow morning. I was a bit upset but she comforted me well enough until I fell asleep. It was a pretty good day all up - but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when Auntie Casey goes back to work and Mum leaves the country again. I will have to spend the day outside in the rain :-(


Maalie said...

Plumpy, I hope she's getting paid lots of "overtime" pay so she can buy you lots of special treats for Christmas! What is your favourite special treat? I know a cat who loved prawns!

simon said...


Midnight (our cat)is very fussy, but will eat the dog food in a show of strength.....

simon said...

! how did that happen! I posted a word verification! Sorry!

Plumpy said...

Mum has just spent a good minute trying to solve the cryptic puzzle before giving up and reading your second comment... Ha ha!

What is my favourite special treat?

Fresh fish just caught by Auntie Casey's Dad.

Mmmmmmm (Drooling)