Sunday, December 03, 2006

Goodbye Mum

I haven't seen Mum very much at all this weekend, she's been out and about with her friends. Mostly she hangs out at a place called Muz's Place, but I'm not allowed to go there with her. She tells me it is because I would have to go in the car to get there but I think it is because she is scared I will get in a fight with Angus. Angus rules at Muz's place - Mum calls him a scottish terrier but I know he's really just a wimp and I could take him. I'm not scared of terriers and would definitely show him who was really boss which is why I'm not allowed to go there in the first place, I'm sure.

I wanted a cuddle when she came home about 8.30 tonight (Sunday) but she waltzed in the door without noticing me and when I tried to get her attention Auntie Casey kicked me outside for the night. I was glad it has been getting warmer these last few days as I'm sick of being out in the cold.

I did find though that Mum was out and about with her friends because she's going away for a week. She didn't say where but I don't even think she will be in New Zealand! She's going away somewhere with work but promised she would be back this Friday. She will give me lots of cuddles then. She'd better!
Auntie Emma is away this week too but she's just living at another house while the owners are away and feeding their pets. It will just be Auntie Casey and I this week.

I wish Mum was going to be here though. Today one of the lads came into the house to look for food. I asked him to go away - that this was my house and my family, but she just came right on in anyway. When Auntie Casey found out she chased her out, but I wished it was Mum. Mum would have thrown water at her and chased her all the way off the property for me. She looks after me like that. Not that I can't look after myself, mind. Because I can, you know.
But Mum will not be here and I can only hope Auntie Casey keeps a stern eye out for them.

I think I will have to go out actually, and prowl the streets tonight, to make sure everyone remembers who I am. I might do it now.
Catch you next time.

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