Monday, December 11, 2006

A New Toy?

Things have been just fantastic!
Mum came home after her few days away and I got lots and lots of cuddles, she was so friendly and loving. She and her friend watched some tv in the evening and I got to sit in between them getting a double hug!

The weather is so warm it's no longer a pain when they shut me out of the house at night. I love getting out and about, prowling the night life. I've had another scuffle with the arch-nemisis and got a nasty scratch on the nose but as usual none of my family noticed until it was practially healed itself. Not even Mum in her excitement at seeing me again. So it's good to get away from them and their selfishness and be by myself - or with people who care - for a night or two.

Auntie Emma received a parcel in the mail today - her sister in Ireland had sent her a Christmas present. I didn't really care when she was unwrapping it because Mum was busy not feeding me my dinner and needed a bit of a hurry up. But later on, when she came back from work, Auntie Emma showed me.

I had been helping Mum in the kitchen, we were cooking satay chicken stir fry, and Emma came in raving about her new money box. She showed Mum but since they were working up high on the bench I couldn't see what they were doing. Then Mum remembered me.
"Show Plumpy, Em. He'll love it!"
I didn't like the sound of her voice. After our good times it seemed as though she was going back to her usual mischievious ways.
Auntie Emma put the money tin on the floor. It was furry, and had four legs. She put the coin through the slot in the top and SUDDENLY!!! What a racket it made as it snorted and waddled it's way across the kitchen floor! I circled it with care but it didn't seem to be causing too much damage. Mum and Auntie were watching me with laughter in their eyes so I sneered at them and stalked off.

Stupid new toy.


aunty emma said...

wilbur was most excited to meet you plumpy! he likes the fact that he isnt the only pink pig in the house.

Plumpy said...

Are you calling me a pig Auntie?
I'm telling Mum on you!

Maalie said...

Hello Plumpy, your new toy looks great! Do you ever see a possum when you're prowling about at night?