Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The Ground and I are one
I am the Earth
I am the Grass, the Weeds, the Earth

I scent the Air without breathing
without moving, I watch
I am the Stillness

She is the Air,
like a Leaf in the Wind
she twirls, she floats, she flits

Now here, now there
she is never still
she is the playful Breeze

without moving, I watch

she flits close, a length away
my Heart races
Muscles tense
Boom boom boom boom
I hear nothing but the Pounding
See nothing byt her Form
a length away
boom boom

I leap!

Claws out
fast as lightening
strong and powerful
there is no escape!

I missed.


Maalie said...

Missed eh? Well better luck next time Plumpy!

simon said...