Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today Has Been Even Worse

Mum finished work early because of her early start. When she came home she was being all smoochy and paying me a lot of attention. She almost immediately fed me and got changed into some more casual clothes. Then she gave me a hug or two and was quite concerend about the wound in my shoulder. It was looking a lot worse and felt awful, I couldn't bring myself to eat a lot. When I looked her in the eye I could see she really did care. Mum can be so self centered sometimes but it was good to know that when I was seriously hurt she was concerned for me. But the next thing I know she has me in the car and we're off to see someone about it! She knows I hate riding in cars, and boy did it stress me out. She tried to keep talking me through it but I couldn't help but wonder why we had to do it in the first case. It's not like she even consulted me about it! So consequently I had to suffer more pokes and prodding - this time from a stranger! - and even an injection. The woman was none too gentlte either. Then we suffered the unbearable drive home. Mum tried to give me more sympathy but I didn't want to have anything to do with it. Where are my basic freedoms? I left the house and went for a wander.
Mum must have been pissed off that I scorned her because she wouldn't let me back in the house on my return. She's so tempremental! I could see her tapping away at her computer not paying me an ounce of attention. Knowimg my luck I was simply out of sight out of mind.

Auntie Casey let me in with her as she came home. I asked her if I could have a key to get in myself but she didn't reply. I get the impression she's like Mum and likes the idea of banishing me when she wants. Only Emma lets me do what I like. But then she doesn't even bother to sort me out any food at meal times. All of them were all nice to me, I think they were worried about my shoulder. It took them long enough! It was sore, sure, but not that bad. It was nice to get some attention from them for once though. I spent most of the night in Emma's room. She's a busy little sparrow, usually flitting from room to room, talking to the other two but this time we had some nice time together without the others interfering.
Talk about interfering! The next afternoon they let me eat as usual and then Auntie Casey and Mum both cornered me, practically shoving a pill down my throat! I mean, they could have asked! But no! No choice for poor little me, I have to take what I'm given, and what I was given was disgusting. There was no sympathy from either and while they pretended to be sorry there were smiles on both faces. They thought it was funny. I avoided them for a couple of hours.
About ten at night I decided I'd had enough and went for another huss around the hood. There were a few others around but not really anyone I knew. I told a couple of stories about what happened to my shoulder then went home to bed. I bet they didn't even miss me.

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