Monday, November 20, 2006

Time To See Me

Mum's on night shift this week which means IF I get kicked out of the house, it won't be until she gets home (YAY) and we get to spend time together during the day. Now that she's not busy on her project this will be grand.

She said I can't write a Blog without putting some pictures up, so that people can see what I'm talking about. So here's a pictutre from my last photo shoot;

When that photo was taken I weighed about 6.8kg, which is not the heaviest I've been, but still I was carrying around a little extra weight. Mum says I'm a gorgeous big boy, and that I'm naturally a large guy, but Auntie Casey calls me fat. Since the fight I have lost four hundred grams. This next photo is one Mum took of me while I was asleep. I think it's embarrasing but Mum reckons I look cute so she made me put it up. Enjoy it while you can because I'm taking it off as soon as she goes to work tonight.

And my shoulder is healing up pretty well too, see?

In fact it's healing so well you can hardly even tell there's a wound there.
So, only one pill to go tonight and then no more physical abuse from Mum and Auntie Casey getting me to take them.

I better go anyway, Mum's out of bed and wants the computer for a bit. I might clean up and have a nap. It's not a very nice day outside so I'm pretty stoked she's home today. It means I can just chill inside.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens, you runcible creature! You had me on the point of contacting the Child Abuse Brigade! But very well written, you really had me going there!

By the way, I'm Al's Dad (Al of TCA, that is). I lived in Upper Hutt for 4 years back in the 70s, he was born there.

Plumpy said...

Hello to Mr Al's Dad. I had noticed, er... MUM had noticed you both had the same surname and thought there might be a connection. I don't pay attention to last names. I just saw the bird on your profile and thought it looked beautiful. Do you think a perfectly innocent, barely hungry feline like me could find a job somewhere in the Maalie Kingdom? I could nurse the injured and run daily nest inspections!

Ju's little sister said...

He only looks innocent!

Julie (Who seems to be the TCA's favourite chef) and I both come from the South Canterbury high country of the South Island of New Zealand. I currently live in Auckland as unfortunately I have to work where ever the Air Force sends me. I miss home a lot though. If you are interested, follow the link to Mesopotamia Station, it's where we grew up.

Anonymous said...

Well, Plumpy, living in New Zealand you will know that the curse of sea birds on islands is RATS! I should think there would be plenty of scope for a rat catcher :-)

Plumpy said...

Oh... rats. Um. I suppose I could hunt rats. What about geckoes?

Anonymous said...

No, there are no reptiles in the Maalie Kingdom. Too far north. There are frogs.

Plumpy said...

Frogs are cool, they are Auntie Emma's favourite so I don't think I could hurt one. I think I'd better stay in New Zealand after all.