Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not My Idea of a Foam Party

One of my favourite things about Auntie Emma is that she never interfers with me by trying to inject me, kick me, bully me or force-feed me nasty pills that bruise my throat on the way down. Until today.
Today was the last day for my meds and since Mum was away at work Auntie Casey recuited Emma to corner me, hold me down and otherwise physically assault me. The pill went down the wrong way and I gagged, trying to bring it back up. I ran behind the table in fear, it hurt so much! The gagging wasn't working - I was just getting spittle and bad tastes. I could hear Auntie Casey coming towards me and ran out from behind the table, past them both and under the computer desk in a frantic bid to suffer alone. Auntie Emma was screaming out at me "He's foaming! He's foaming!" and all Auntie Casey could do was laugh at me. I wished it wasn't happening to me. I could still hear them, they didn't even care that I was suffering so!
I ran to my favourite part of the house - Emma's room. It smelt nice and calmed me a little but I was still salivating and trying not to throw up all over the bed. I could hear Emma calling out that she didn't want me to ruin anything in there so I ran back out again and for once I didn't complain when they shepherded me out the door. Outside I lay down at the bottom of the garden in the cool and shade and plotted my revenge.


Anonymous said...

Plumpy, did you actually swally the thing in the end? It'ws important to make you a better pussy-cat you know!

Plumpy said...

Yes, I did get it down me. Eugh! Thank goodness there are no more!

Anonymous said...

Dear Plumpy, please see instuctions on Maalie's blog about the use of blue tack. Love, Maalie x