Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Life Just Slows Down Again

After all the hustle and bustle of the weekend - fights and visitors and parties - the week has become like a snail trying to cross our drive. The weather is cloudy and warm so it's nicer for me to stay inside. Last night Emma went out to babysit so the house was very quiet with just me and Auntie Casey. But she was gone too when Mum came home. Mum finished her work really early but for the first time ever she just sat and watched TV instead of going straight to the computer. I logged on to read some of my comments here. I like the Maalie blogspot, it has nice pictures of birds like the Maalie and the Barn Owls. We have owls here in New Zealand too but they are just little wee things and instead of hooting they call out "more-pork." I'm still working out the best way to catch one.
Mum and I staid up watching UK TV till about eleven and Auntie Emma came home. Emma was really annoyed because the people she'd been babysitting for had promised she'd be home by nine-thirty. After a day inside with Mum and a night on the couch I was suddenly full of energy and started running up and down the corridor. When Mum opened the front door I didn't mind hooning right on through, even though I knew I wouldn't get back in till the morning.

I wandered the streets for most of the night. Most of my friends were out and we did a bit of karoke for a while until someone tried to squirt us with water. Honestly no one appreaciates real talent around here. Mum is listening to music all the time at home but she has no interest in hearing me sing. In fact it's a sure fire way to get myelf kicked out of the house. There were a few ladies out as well last night but since the accident I haven't had any interest in chasing them. They laugh at me a lot for it and spend their time teasing the lads so I usually avoid them. I don't like their attitudes much. It was good being out and about but the night finally caught up with me and I thought I might curl up and home for a bit of shut-eye before beggin breakfast from Auntie Casey.

Mum slept in late this morning which is usual for her when she's on the night shift. The house was cool and quiet - just the way I like it. I thought about going in to see her but as I said before I don't really like her room very much. When she did emerge she didn't go straight to the computer as usual but instead lay on one of the couches and gave me a cuddle. It was fantastic! We didn't say much, just enjoyed the moment. It is during times like these that I know the language of love which Simon talked about definitely needs no translation. After her breakfast though she did jump on the computer and started complaining about all the things she had to do before going into work tonight. I played by myself. Mum buys me little toys from time to time to keep me occupied, but most of them need two people to play with and no one in my family really plays with me when I want. Though Mum is better than the rest. But Mum let me play with one of her things which she keeps on the computer desk. I think she stole it from work but it's good to chase about the carpet. Actually I think I might go investigate it now. Thanks for all the comments, see you next post!

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