Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ai Ai Ai!

I had hoped things would get a little better, I mean how much worse can they get, really? It did start to get better for a while. It was the end of the week and Mum went out to a party. Now this is not like Mum at all, usually she stays at home on the couch and I get to watch a lot of TV with her. For the most of this year she has spent most of her spare time on the computer because of the project she's doing at Uni, but more recently she's had time for television and books. Mum likes to read books, though I don't have any time for them. They are a good way to get absent minded but loving attention from her though. She's a lot better when she's not thinking about what I'm actually asking for.

Back to the weekend though - Mum went to a party and I was home alone with the Aunties. For once they were awesome! Emma chats away and can get much more of a response from Auntie Casey than Mum can which is great because I like watching TV with the sound of them both nattering in the background. It sort of gives off a sense of well being. I got a lot of cuddles and a nice dinner. Mum came back a little late from the party but not too late. Just before midnight I think. Neither of the Aunties had kicked me out of the house so I followed Mum to her bedroom. Out of the three bedrooms I like Mum's the least. It is big and there are funny smells in it. She has a large bed which she doesn't even use all of, but sometimes there is something special about being in there with her without Auntie Casey or Emma around. She was tired because she'd been out late at night after an early start at work, but I snuggled under the blankets with her and we had a good chat about lots of things. When Mum is in a friendly loving mood she is my favourite to be around. She didn't ask me about my shoulder (even though she and Auntie Casey had shoved another pill down my throat before she left that night) and I could tell from the smile on her face that she didn't really mind paying the bill for the consultation and the anti-biotics. I thought things were going to be fine.

On Saturday it was raining. The cooler weather gave me a little more energy but I had no interest at all going out and getting myself wet. Auntie Emma and Mum snuggled down on a couch each to watch some DVD's and I was very keen to join them.
Then Talia came round. Talia does not like me. Actually, I don't think it's that she doesn't like me, but more that she likes to be mean to me. Anyway, she hissed at me and I got such a fight I nearly ran out of the room. Emma laughed at my startled look and Talia hissed again. I didn't like the sound, or the look on her face - it reminded me of something primal and evil. Mum told Talia off, she said not to frighten me and Talia laughed. Mum gave me a hug.
Soon though Auntie Casey came back from where she had been to with her friend Amber. Amber is okay but sometimes she smells funny. Like a bad fire. Mum makes snarky comments about the little fires she lights so I know it's not just me. But Auntie Casey, Emma, Talia and Amber all started talking really loudly about all sorts of crap and it annoyed Mum. She kicked me off so she could sit close to the TV in an obvious attempt to watch the movie. I tried the other girls but Talia kept being mean to me so I spent the rest of the afternoon in another part of the house.

Auntie Emma and Amber went out that night on the turps. All hell broke loose when she returned. Mum was snuggled on the good couch under the duvet watching some movie on TV, and Auntie Casey was in her room reading a book. I was on the other couch debating whether I should fall asleep or go talk to Auntie Casey when I heard Emma coming up the steps to the door. Mum immediately got annoyed, she didn't want the girls to talk through her movie. Which they did. After a massive gossip about the night - which was quite interesting actually, Emma was being pushed to sleep with some young buck but although drunk she was very good and decided not to. I know when I get out on the rarks I always used to be into any sort of girl I could get my paws on, but I've changed a lot since the accident. Auntie Emma though, she had her morals and she stuck to them, which was interesting to hear the first time and a little taxing when repeated (drunkenly) for the fourth time. She wanted to go to the shopping centre for some Burger King, but Auntie Casey wouldn't take her - she'd had too much to drink as well. Emma decided to try Mum. Good luck sister I wished her. Boy you could have fried eggs on the lasers coming from Mum's eyes. She might not watch a terrible amount of tv - but when she does, don't ask her to leave the set! In the end Auntie Casey cooked the girl some cheese toasties.
after they went to bed and the movie had finished Mum got off the couch and looked out the window.
"It's stopped raining Plumpy."
Oh dear. I knew where this was going. True to form she kicked me out for the night. I was glad Auntie Casey had put insulation round my shelter. I still got a warm sleep even if it was outside. Things were improving.


Anonymous said...

Is the Massey you refer to the Massey University at Palmerston North?

Ju's little sister said...

Alas, no.
Massey of Dorkland, whoops, I mean Auckland!!!