Saturday, November 18, 2006

My First Post!

What a rotter of a day. It all started last night when I was kicked out of the house - again! I wandered the streets of Massey for a while but the whole place was pretty boring. None of the usual lads were out which was unusual for a warm night. I kicked around the district for a while but nothing was up.
After a bit I thought I might go home to bed and that's where the trouble started. As I came round the corner towards our house my arch-nemisis was waiting for me. He knew I'd been out on my own and I wondered briefly if he'd organised a distraction to keep my boys away tonight.

"I don't want a fight." I told him but he just sneered. I tried to run around past him but he came at me and I had no choice but to defend myself. I lashed out with a cry but he still got me a nasty wound to the shoulder. I got him good in the side of the gut though and he took off. There wasn't a lot I could do about my shoulder so I cleaned it up as best I could and slept on the other side.

The next morning Mum let me have breakfast early because she was working the early shift. I ate it as fast as I could, hoping I'd get another breakfast after she'd gone. She gave me a hug before racing out the door. I cleaned out my shoulder again and sat around waiting for Auntie Casey and Emma to get out of bed. Auntie Casey believed me when I said I hadn't been fed and I took my time eating the second bowl. I'd save it up for later. With Auntie Casey and Emma gone to work I mucked around about the house, doing this and that and taking naps when and where I could. The weather was warm and there was no sign of that ratbag who got me last night so it was a cruisey morning. My shoulder gave me a lot of trouble and it was leaking too, but I kept it as clean as I could. I was surprised no one had noticed it this morning, but then my family can be very preoccupied with themselves.

When they all made it home again they were tired and grumpy and paid me no attention. I kept asking them what time dinner was but no one would give me any sort of answer. After they had sorted themselves out Emma turned on the tv and Auntie Casey joined her soon after. I joined them, trying to get at least one of them to pay attention to me but they were so wrapped up in themselves they only paid me passing notice.
Mum was on the computer which is the first thing she does when she gets home so it was hopeless for me to get more than a hello from her. I asked her when dinner was but she avoided the question. Finally Auntie Casey asked Mum if I'd been fed and Mum got all upset saying she'd meant to but time had slipped away on her so in the end Auntie Casey got some food ready for me. To my absolute disgust it was dry and tasted foul. They rarely give me anything different and I nibbled a little bit to take the edge off my hunger. It wasn't worth eating as a meal. I drifted back to the girls of the house.
Auntie Casey let me sit on her lap, she's definitely my favourite. Mum is supposed to look after me but sometimes I think she sees me as a piece of the furniture, just a decoration to make her life look more active.

Then worse happened. Auntie Casey noticed the wound on my shoulder. She kept trying to look at it, but it was tender and I didn't like her touching it. She mentioned it to Mum and then Mum had to come and have a look too. They both poked and prodded it with little mercy until I mangaged to get away from them and move off to be by myself for a while. But Auntie Casey tracked me down and put some ointment on it before I could stop her. Well the bloody thing was fine until she interefered!! I cleaned it off but she put more on when she found out.

You know it's not the first fight I've been in, and I know how to look after myself. If I didn't then I wouldn't still be around, would I? Because they sure don't know how to look after me. They don't let me in the house when they're being mean, and sometimes they lock me in and won't let me out. I have no freedom. They smother me with hugs when I only want to be alone, and won't have a thing to do with me when all I need is a little bit of sympathy. I am so unloved.


simon said...

unloved? It can be difficult..
See, everyone has a "love Language"..but not all languages are the same.

So if you cannot interpret one it can simply make you feel unloved

Plumpy said...

Thanks Simon, I told Mum what you wrote and we had a big hug. It can be especially difficult when you have a species barrier too ;-)

Your words will stay with us.

simon said...

I am completely undone!